THE HUNTING BIRDS Naive Eyes gets 8/10

The Hunting Birds

Naive Eyes


We all love music for different reasons. I’ve always loved being able to disappear between the lines of song lyrics. As a writer, I tend to focus a lot on what the song is trying to say. Sometimes it can take a few listens to connect. Sometimes, you can be blown away by how quickly an artist can make you feel what they’re trying to express. For this track, it only took the introduction.

Local outfit The Hunting Birds’ ability to precisely match their melody changes to the emotional journey they want to take you on is such a statement to their talent. The song focuses on themes of anxiety and inner demons, and that quality is unmistakable in the increasing rise of anxious energy through the introduction. Note the chunky, unsure and bewildered unnerving sense during the chorus; the comfort and relief of the sweet and swift end.

There are raspy vocals that speak more of the narrative than the lyrics themselves, and the cleverness of the creepy and consistent low thuds through the track build trepidation. It wasn’t a disheartened track, however; it was a mirror reflection, not a shadow. It didn’t leave the lingering sense of dread that some songs that challenge this theme do.

Pair it with the music video for the most effective results (check it out below). It’s hauntingly beautiful, to say the least.


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