THE FLOORS @ The Bird gets 9/10

The Floors @ The Bird

w/ Big Orange, Will Stoker and the Embers
Thursday, August 7, 2020


A usual Thursday night in Perth can go one of two ways – extremely busy or extremely quiet. Of course, after several months of lockdown, uncertainty, no music and some restrictions in place, for a show at The Bird featuring some of Perth’s finest musicians, there was no doubting the venue would be filled to the brim.

Will Stoker and the Embers

Will Stoker and the Embers were first to take the stage. It had been awhile since this reviewer last saw them play but these guys never fail to pull out all stops and put on one hell of a performance. Will Stoker was all over the floor, dancing with patrons and even calling out one for looking like he was about to tell a ghost story, with his face lit up from looking at a mobile phone – all while never missing a beat.

They played a healthy mix of new and old songs including Young Bloods, Tickets Please and The King, though there were a few ‘complaints’ heard afterwards that Five Beds For Bitsy did not make the cut (hint hint). Will Stoker and The Embers are one of those bands that always leave one feeling energised and happy, long after the music has stopped.

Big Orange

Big Orange was up next. It’s always a tough task going after someone like Stoker and crew but they certainly held their own. They are extremely talented, as shown in the swapping of instruments. Unfortunately for them, however, Thursday night was the first time since lockdown that many of the regulars in the Perth music scene were together again in the same space and spent much of the show congregated outside catching up.

The Floors

The energy was high by the time The Floors took to the stage. If for some strange reason, you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past 15 years, and have never seen The Floors live, then can you say you’ve truly lived? They are one of Perth’s premier blues-rock bands, with a downright dirty sound who just keep getting better and better.

Everyone was up and dancing and singing along and just loving the fact that we live in Western Australia. Thankfully, we are able to catch up with friends, see live music and dance. We are also lucky that we have such a strong music scene and that our main issue right now is when our favourite bands play on the same night as one another.

The Floors

Live music is what makes our world go round and Will Stoker and The Embers, Big Orange and The Floors brought people together whether they were standing inside watching or listening outside whilst catching up with those we haven’t seen for ages. It doesn’t get much better than that.


Photos by Linda Dunjey

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