TAME IMPALA It Might Be Time gets 5/10

Tame Impala

It Might Be Time


While the local media keeps reminding us that Dance Monkey is the biggest Australian success story in the history of music, as it tops singles charts all over the world (not that it means any actual money has changed hands for this to occur), it’s easy to be ignorant to the fact that Tame Impala continue to sell-out major venues and top festivals, week after week, in the northern hemisphere. This is a major achievement for a band from little old Perth and should be celebrated as such.

It Might Be Time comes hot on the heels of the announcement of Tame Impala’s fourth album The Slow Rush, which is out February 14 and has album artwork that would sit pretty alongside your favourite prog albums of the 1970s.

The track features Kevin Parker’s trademark spaced-out echoey vocals and musings about getting older, not fitting in and questioning everything that his mind says. It’s good to know that 10 years’ of travelling the world has not changed his insecurities. Music-wise, this track is all about the bombastic build – a siren reminds that the high is nigh, which climaxes amid a cluster of Supertramp-style electronic keys and frenzied drumming.

The last few singles from Tame Impala have taken a few spins to get into, but It Might Be Time suggests that while the music might be new, the same old words remain.


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