SPIKE FUCK Junkie Logic gets 9/10

Spike Fuck

Junkie Logic


Melbourne based musician Spike Fuck has (re-)released one of the most honest songs you’ll hear this year with Junkie Logic. Originally found on the Smackwave EP, it’s getting the re-release treatment care of international label Partisan Records (IDLES, Deer Tick) on August 9.

A well-crafted tale of loneliness and drug addiction, Junkie Logic is punctuated by an emotional delivery that confirm these are events that have been lived. The lyrics are the core of the song, and along with the clean, jangly guitars and gentle synth pads, make it feel like a lost Go-Betweens track.

The chorus is catchy, simple and to the point: “I got one, I got two/ I got three friends who’ve died from constant drug use,” while the heartbreaking final line, “I know heaven won’t want me till I’m clean,” highlights what is at stake.

It represents a long journey from the song’s first availability on Bandcamp in 2017 and the untimely dissolution of Spike Fuck’s acclaimed psych-rock outfit Bad Blood, a nervous breakdown and subsequent three year break.


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