SPACEY JANE @ The Dunsborough Tavern gets 6.5/10

Spacey Jane @ Dunsborough Tavern

w/ Ghost Care
Sunday, August 23, 2020


Spacey Jane are undoubtedly Perth’s latest claim to fame, and for good reason. Making the most of available venues, and a longing crowd, Spacey Jane have set out on a 12 show road trip across regional WA taking Perth three-piece Ghost Care along for the ride.

Ghost Care

With two shows Sunday night at the Dunsborough Tavern, Ghost Care warmed the 9.30 pm crowd with a smooth and cheerful set. These up and comers were greeted by rows of excited fans playing new tracks like Oxygen, and 2019 favourite Home Run.

Ghost Care

Following Ghost Care was a half-hour wait for the headlining four-piece, with a room full excited fans pushing to the front with little concern for the global pandemic. Surprisingly, they opened on one of their earlier tracks, Thrills and had the crowd jumping along right from the start. Skin came next and continued this trend, with even more singing along.

Spacey Jane

However, with little crowd interaction from the band, we were held at an arm’s length. This felt a result of fatigue as they had already played five shows in five days. With a small introduction for each member, the band grooved through the set and landed finally on a live rendition of Booster Seat which, as expected, had the crowd screaming the words back to the ever proud group of four.

Spacey Jane

Despite the clear tiredness from each member, lead guitarist Ashton Hardman Le Cornu somewhat stole the show bouncing around the stage. His performance was a highlight of the night and brought the much-needed energy to the Sunday night show.

As the show wound up earlier than expected, there was an air of disappointment until Spacey Jane lit the room up once again and played another two songs for their hardcore fans. Fading out on Cold Feet, the room quickly emptied and as the crowd was ushered out.

Spacey Jane

For one of the first round of gigs to be back on our stages, Spacey Jane delivered all that you expect from a local, hard-working band. They brought the energy despite the fatigue and gave us a range of tracks from their early days through to their most recent album.

Words and photos by AMBER LILLEY


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