SOPHIE JOSKE: HOUSEHOLD NAME – The Giggle Net is Cast Wide and Catches ’em All


Noodle Palace – Hokkien House (for Fringe World)
Tuesday, January 24, 2017


I really wanted to call this Patriarchy: The Musical, but resisted the urge. This is absolutely a must see on your comedic hit list at Fringe, and it’s not what you’re expecting.

Sophie Joske is a force to be reckoned with, a whirlwind of giggle-fits, and will exercise every laugh muscle in your body. Mouths hurt, knees get slapped, and sides get the sorely needed isometrics that nobody does at the gym – it’s a workout for your core worth the admission for your abs.

Sophie Joske and Adam Peter Scott combined are phenomenal. These two united are the best and worst of comedy superheroes.  Anti-heroes, perhaps. Nemeses? Almost, but there’s too much love in this.

Joske and her gaping chasm of need slay the stage. This is not the stand -up comedy you’re anticipating. She is so darn relatable it resonates like a tuning fork, and you’re left vibrating with chuckles right down to your toes. It tickles.

Joske is sublime, until she’s not, and the dude you love to hate (Scott) intervenes.  He’s suddenly that guy on the internet who yells over women, mansplaining at you, and giving unsolicited advice. Imagine that being granted a microphone and a stage.  Not pretty, right?  Sweet dreams are made of making these guys read aloud our thoughts on periods. Joske handles it with aplomb.

If I must critique, my only notes would be to cut a few moments out and make it 45-minutes instead of 60. But don’t ask me for which 15 to cut, because they’re all great. Pretty much every moment is note perfect.

If you’re craving an ab workout, and in need of a hearty laugh, get thee to Noodle Palace stat. The show has been so well received that it’s actually been extended, so don’t miss out – February 2-4 at 6:50pm. Do it.

Sophie Joske is everything great about comedy and indeed destined to be a household name. Adam Peter Scott is kind of ok, too.  We forgive you.


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