SON’S OF RICO’s ode to Valentine’s Day Let Me Go


Valentine’s Day; for some a day of chocolates, flowers and a lovely dinner with someone special while for others…it’s a day of seeing annoying couples being way too affectionate and one step closer to having an army of cats.

If you’re not into the whole Valentine’s Day thing (yours truly included) then here’s good news as Melbourne based, originally from Perth, indie rock act Sons of Rico have released their new single Let Me Go which offers a different perspective on today’s Valentines theme.

Let Me Go focuses on the early days of indie pop ballads which featured simple narratives and cliches which can be a little cringe worthy. The single comes a year after the bands previous single What Am I Doing Here? which saw the band go on hiatus, however, some new material was written and the band are back.

If you’re wanting to catch Sons of Rico live and hear all the new material you’ll be able catch the band playing at the Evelyn in Fitzory, Melbourne every Tuesday in March. For more information you can check the bands official Facebook page and The Evelyn for all the times, dates and everything in between.

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