THE SONGBOOK SESSIONS See WAAPA’s rising stars shine

The Edith, Spiegeltent at ECU Mt Lawley is set to be buzzing with emerging talent on Wednesday, September 11 and Thursday September, 12 as WAAPA students take to the stage for their annual contemporary music artist showcase, The Songbook Sessions. More than 30 of Western Australia’s finest young musical talent will present original and unique versions of classics in a range of formats including solo, duo, trio, full band and even full vocal choir renditions across two nights.

Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), boasts an impressive track record of growing world-class stars such as Acting and Musical Theatre graduates like Hugh Jackman, Francis O’Connor, Jai Courtney, Jim Jeffries, Simon Gleeson and Lisa McCune. Meanwhile, WAAPA’s strong music program has produced formidable talent consistently – as demonstrated by the likes of national stars like Tim Minchin and Meg Mac, through to more recent up-and-comers like Dulcie, Blake Rose, Sydnee Carter and Carla Geneve.

The current cohort of students also show great promise and Vinnie Crea, the Coordinator of the Music Artist Stream as well as Music Director of The Songbook Sessions, is excited to show off the fresh talent that the Contemporary Music Artist program has to offer this year at The Edith, Spiegeltent at ECU Mt Lawley.

“The Music Artist students gain immense benefit from collaborating in an extremely talented, “hand picked” cohort. The real world hands on preparation for this show is totally relevant to their professional working life as performers,” Crea said.

When it comes to an artist’s success in the music industry, Crea believes that mastering the art of simplicity is key. “It’s the hardest element to master. Too many artists overcomplicate their songs or music and it becomes inaccessible to the mainstream audience,” he said.

With only a few weeks away from The Songbook Sessions, Crea hopes that “audiences take away an impression of a show presented by passionate and creative artists united in their enthusiasm and potential.”

WAAPA’s annual contemporary music artist showcase, The Songbook Sessions, goes down Wednesday, September 11 and Thursday, September 12 at The Edith, Spiegeltent at ECU Mt Lawley. Tickets are on sale now.




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