Sol Republic Tracks Air Headphones

Sol Republic Tracks Air Headphones


There’s generally a trade off to be made when you decide to go for wireless headphones – you’re privileging the freedom from potentially tangled cables over the reliability of those selfsame wires. 


These stereo Bluetooth ‘phones from Sol Republic boast a long battery life – 15 hours of playing time – which will keep you from reaching for the backup cables (included), and the wireless range is impressive, too – no need to keep your media player in your pocket around the house. They’re comfortable and the interchangeable headband is nice, if rather pointless on a practical level. There’s also an integrated microphone, which is pretty much a standard feature these days.


If you like treble more than bass, though, these are not for you: they favour the lower end of the sonic spectrum, which means the overall sound signature may be a little too muddy for some. They’re also pricey: if you can find a pair under $250, you’re doing well. Still, the battery life and range make this a tempting model.

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