SLOWLY SLOWLY Race Car Blues gets 7.5/10

Slowly Slowly
Race Car Blues


Melbourne indie pop-punks Slowly Slowly’s third studio album Race Car Blues is more reflective than their previous releases but just as immediate. With an angsty, early 2000s alt-rock vibe, each track boasts strong instrumentals and gut-wrenching lyrics. The two year break between studio albums has evidently done the four-piece good, with each element clean and well defined, while keeping that rough-around-the-edges sound we’ve come to expect.

The album opens with Creature of Habit: Part One, showing nostalgic elements creeping into Slowly Slowly’s signature sound while still showcasing clearly developed vocals. With a constant and melodic beat, this track takes the listener on a journey through lead singer Ben Stewart’s battle with monotonous routine, presumably in the early days of the band. It is a relatable opener if you’ve ever felt stuck, and a scene-setter for what’s to come.

Standout track 19 is up next and continues the narrative, adding anecdotes and memorable quips such as “It’s my truth and I can bend it.” This sweet, calming tune contrasts the seemingly heartbreaking story with emotional outbursts and a beating rhythm.

The strongest tracks continue to sit in the first half of the album. Punchy single Safety Switch and an emotionally raw Michael Angelo take us through the opinion filled world of music and art. As the record continues, there are more catchy and relatable choruses that will no doubt have fans knowing, and in time, singing along to each and every word.

The poetically titled Race Car Blues rounds out the album. It references driving around the same track over and over again to symbolise a realisation of one’s own tunnel vision focus. The song concludes with a moment of heavy breathing as a culmination of the emotionally fuelled lyrics throughout the 12 track release.

This album has all the energy of a live show while flirting between both hard-hitting and softer tracks. It’s classic Slowly Slowly but with a progression that is louder, punchier and more emotionally raw, showcasing key lessons learnt throughout. While Slowly Slowly’s initial national tour was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the good news it they have since announced rescheduled dates including a show at Badlands Bar on Friday, November 6. With plenty of time to savour the new album until then, expect fans to be shouting along to plenty of these new songs when that time comes. 


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