SLØTFACE Telepathetic gets 6.5/10

Try Not to Freak Out


Norwegian punks Sløtface return with new single Telepathetic, their first since 2017 triumph, Try Not to Freak Out.

The track opens with a dance-worthy rhythm before surging into a buzzy melodic guitar riff, with vocalist Haley Shea singing about the slog of everyday life. “Thinking if you think hard, you’ll make it happen… Telepathetic, Telepathetic,” goes the chorus. The play on words feels a little forced and childish, but the band’s polished pop-rock formula and punk sensibility allows you to move past this and come to appreciate their exploratory, reflective songwriting.

The song doesn’t pack nearly as much punch as past tracks such as Nancy Drew and Magazine – a track that features the now very quotable lyric “Patti Smith wouldn’t put up with this shit.” But, it does manage to pinpoint the prevalent issue of existential dread among millennials, with lines like, “Begging for something exciting to happen, begging for a shot in the dark”, referring to those of us with big dreams who lack the confidence to pursue them.

In four minutes, Sløtface have served up a catchy pop-rock song, while rudely reminding us that life sucks and in order to get what you want, you actually have to apply yourself. Telepathetic may be lukewarm, but it just might be enough to rattle you into yet another existential crisis. Enjoy.


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