SLEAFORD MODS Debut Oz tour for Iggy’s fave band

There’s a reason Iggy Pop says Sleaford Mods are “Undoubtedly, absolutely, definitely the world’s greatest rock ‘n’ roll band.” Find out why for yourself when their debut Australian tour wraps up in Perth on Friday, March 13 at the Rosemount Hotel.

Finally making their way here for a run of headline dates and festivals including Golden Plains and WOMADelaide, Sleafords are one of the most relevant, politically charged and thought-provoking bands in music today – evidenced by their running crass-but-clever commentary on The People’s discontent and their five critically acclaimed albums a pre-Boris crystal ball of impending doom.

Stumbling into the music scene in 2013, their breakthrough album Austerity Dogs surprised many and caught the moment, spearheading a punk renaissance and paving the way for a generation of new artists.

On paper it shouldn’t work. Andrew Fearn‘s functional beats, post-punk bass, cheap keyboard riffs and wafts of guitar underpin lyricist Jason Williamson as he rages against austerity-era stagnation, his anger a call-to-arms to all of us who work under a system that privileges the wealth of the few over the bare comfort of the many. The result is exhilarating, cathartic and brutally brilliant bass heavy dance floor tunes with a message that makes Sleaford Mods as vital politically as they are artistically.

On finally touring down under, frontman Williamson says, “After a load of grief online about not playin’ Australia, we’re finally coming. Me and Andrew are big fans of your music scene, you’ve got some quality bands breaking through so we’re lookin’ forward to it. Buzzin’!”

Sleaford Mods play the Rosemount Hotel on Friday, March 13. Tickets from Oztix.

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