SLAYER 2ND LAST SHOW EVER @ The Forum, LA gets 10/10

Slayer 2nd last show ever @ The Forum (LA)

w/ Primus, Ministry, Phil Anselmo and the Illegals
Friday, November 29, 2019


The clock had only just turned over to 5pm. Yet it was already dark and there were ominous looking storm clouds looming over The Forum on a Friday night as people started arriving for the penultimate show of Slayer’s long, illustrious career. It was only fitting as it helped set the scene for the night ahead.

Phil Anselmo and The Illegals walked out on stage and, as Anselmo dedicated their set to Dimebag Darrell, those of us who were there early knew that we were about to be serenaded with Pantera hits and we were not disappointed.

Our set included Mouth For War, Yesterday Don’t Mean Shit, Fucking Hostile, Walk and (Reprise) Sandblasted Skin. The only issue with the whole set was that you knew that it had to come to an end. You don’t need me to tell you just how good it was seeing Pantera songs performed by Anselmo. You already know.

Ministry was up next and prior to seeing them live for the first time on this night, I wasn’t a real fan. I didn’t dislike them per se; I just hadn’t truly listened to them. They opened their set with The Missing, Deity and Stigmata. The energy that they put out is contagious and by the time they finished with Jesus Built My Hotrod, I was a firm convert. Ministry is one of those bands that you really need to witness live to experience the full onslaught of their music.

Another band that can be divisive amongst audiences is Primus. There is something so satisfying in watching the audience react to Primus because there are two clear types. Those that get Primus… and everyone else. It’s just as fun watching people’s mouths drop open with the confusion and shock written over their faces as they watch the band.

“City of Angels!! What’s going on here?” Les Claypool asked. “I’ll fucking tell you what’s happening. It’s Slayer’s second to last show ever. It’s a sad thing but a good thing because Slayer is going out in a blaze of glory!”

The curtains went down after Primus finished with Jerry Was a Race Car Driver and you could feel a change in the audience with the electricity and excitement growing almost palpable.

The underlying tone of sadness combined with pure joy at being there to witness this show erupted as the lights went down and Slayer stepped out on stage for the second last time ever.

While our show may have not been the last, last show, it was certainly something special as Die By The Sword, Evil Has No Boundaries, Black Magic and Gemini were played for the first time on the American leg of the tour.

Tom Areya stood out on stage alone and asked “are you ready to open and close a chapter on Part One of an ending story?” and caused the crowd to erupt. “Thank you for coming out today and for making today special.”

The backdrop changed yet again as the band came out and played their final songs to us including Seasons In The Abyss, Repentless, Raining Blood and Angel of Death. There was no encore but Areya came back out on stage and, with tears in his eyes, thanked everyone there for their support over the years as everyone in The Forum stood up and applauded and screamed out their love and appreciation for the music.

It was a bittersweet show. Slayer gave us their all and everyone in that room ate it up. His tears; his joy; his love made it all so real. We all knew that we had witnessed something beautiful, something so powerful and we walked out of the building with big smiles on our faces and sadness tinged in our hearts, but ever so grateful that we had had the opportunity to say farewell to one of the greatest metal bands ever.

Thank you Slayer for the music.


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