Should You Take Music Classes in College?

Many music bands have been started by people who had little to no background on the subject, and it has led many people to wonder whether or not a music degree is useful. Music, like many other forms of art, requires skill more than formal education. However, there are still many reasons why you should consider taking classes in music. In this piece, we will look at a few reasons why you need to consider pursuing a degree in music.

  • It Allows You to Work in the Music Industry

Although a degree in music will not help you become the greatest musician, it will allow you to work in the industry. Usually, employers prioritize people with experience in the industry, and then they move to recent graduates. With a degree, you will be able to perform tasks like balancing the books and corresponding with clients. If you get a more specialized degree like music law, you will even be able to help music firms and individuals with legal matters.

Other careers you can pursue in the industry include music journalism, artist representation, broadcast engineering, event management, and music therapy. If you are planning to seek employment in the industry, you should consider selecting colleges that have a good history of placing students in internships. It is because the experience will play a big role in your future employability.

  • Helps You Gain Transferable Skills

People with degrees in music are highly employable since they have lots of transferable skills. It means you should be able to find work in different industries, in case you choose to forget about music. Music school will help you learn how to think creatively and solve problems, and these are skills that are highly sought-after by employers. Most people who graduate from music school report that flexibility and creativity are key parts of their lives, regardless of the careers they chose to pursue.

Music students are also trained to communicate clearly, and this skill is valued in all places of employment. Another important skill you will develop in music school is the ability to collaborate with other people to complete various projects.

  • You Can Help Other People Improve their Music Skills

If you are passionate about music, you may also want to teach other people music or help them improve their skills in various ways. It may be hard to be taken seriously with such jobs if you don’t have a degree. One way of helping people improve in music is by participating in music contests as a judge. You can give the contestants constructive feedback and identify those who have a talent in the craft.

It is also possible to upload videos on services like YouTube and teach random people how to play various instruments. Music teachers like Marty Schwartz have proven that you can make decent money teaching music on the internet. Sometimes, if I have a good grasp of the theoretical aspects of music, I can even sign up on an essay writing service which help to do my assignment. As an extra advantage, I will earn money as I enjoy helping other aspiring artists.

  • Helps You Understand the Music of Other People

In music school, you will cover the history of music and may even dive deep into the works of some historical artists and composers. Learning about the music of other artists will help you understand different aspects of music, and this will give you inspiration for your own art.

You should note that many great artists throughout history have drawn inspiration from other historical artists. You will also find these lessons interesting as they give you some insight into the lives and styles of artists who lived decades or centuries ago. You will also immerse yourself in cultures from different parts of the world.


Music is one of the most interesting courses you can take in college. Contrary to popular opinion, music classes are not just meant for people who want to make names for themselves as artists. Such people will find music courses useful in their careers, but they don’t necessarily need to earn degrees in order to become excellent musicians.

Most people who take courses in this field intend to pursue different careers in the craft. Such careers include accounting, representation of artists, music therapy, and music education. If you want to start a career as an artist, you will also find it easier to get loans from banks if you have a degree in music. Taking this course will also give you insight into the history and nature of music, and this will further help you understand different cultures around the world.

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