SELFLESS ORCHESTRA Audio-visionaries with a great cause

Perth post-rock ensemble Selfless Orchestra are set to unveil their debut album Great Barrier on Friday, October 23, as an ode to Australia’s most precious natural wonder – the Great Barrier Reef. The album release will be followed closely by a live, audio-visual performance at The Naval Store, Fremantle, on Saturday, October 24.

Selfless Orchestra features some of Perth’s most daring musicians, in particular its founders Steven Alyian (Injured Ninja, Usurper of Modern Medicine, Doublethink Prism), Ray Grenfell (Last Quokka), Madeline Antoine, and Jerome Turle (The Weapon Is Sound). The Selfless Orchestra collective features up to 14 rotating members, with a diversity of contributors spanning from members of Perth Symphony Orchestra to those of punk and metal bands – including legendary Perth metal act Karnivool.

Special guests joining Selfless Orchestra for their launch show include Dead Jerk, Filth Goddess and Elsewhere/Rebecca, and part proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to the Reef Restoration Foundation and Frontline Action on Coal (FLAC).

Great Barrier chronicles the troubled relationship between humankind and nature by meditating on the degradation of the Great Barrier Reef and reflecting on the reef’s threat of extinction. A united endeavour of artists, musicians, filmmakers and performers; the project aims to educate and inspire audiences about social issues and environmental justice through poetic musical performance.

Songwriter and producer Steven Alyian said Great Barrier is Selfless Orchestra’s first statement – an audio-visual experience through live performance exploring the natural wonder of the reef. “We aim to break the conventions of traditional music by performing at the same level as the audience – on the floor and in the round with 360 degrees of visual projections. It’s an immersive show designed to educate and empower audiences to become part of the movement to help protect Australia’s Great Barrier Reef.”

Selfless Orchestra’s debut album Great Barrier is out Friday, October 23, followed by a live performance at The Naval Store, Fremantle on Saturday, October 24. Tickets are on sale now.

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