SEEKER LOVER KEEPER @ Freo.Social gets 8.5/10

Seeker Lover Keeper @ Freo.Social
w/ June Jones
Sunday, September 29, 2019


One of the best late night conversations to have been had at the Town Hall in Newtown, was surely when Sarah Blasko, Sally Seltmann and Holly Throsby decided to form a band. The result was Seeker Lover Keeper, which has culminated in a couple of impressive albums and national tours. The latest record Wild Seeds saw the band in Fremantle to show their wares. 

Joining Seeker Lover Keeper on their tour was Melbourne performer June Jones. Placing herself at the keyboard, Jones worked through songs from her debut album Diana. They are a collection that she refers to as sad songs, but they are clearly more layered than that as they explore identity, relationship, mental health as well as the hopeless. For the most part, Jones’ tunes are like slowed down electro beats with her distinctive voice that for its limited range and tendency to ‘crack’ at times, is full of emotion and captivating. By the time Jones stood atop her keyboard stool and displayed her lengthy frame during Big Art Museum, she had won over the room. 

When you take eight years between albums, and contain three of Australia’s premiere indie-folk songwriters, there is bound to be a sense of anticipation about your show. Seeker Lover Keeper clearly knew the sense of occasion as they entered the stage wearing matching designer skirts, with Blasko going one step further by wearing the matching coat despite the temperature of the room. With a delicate keyboard line Sally Seltmann lead the trio through Superstar. When the harmonies of the first chorus kicked in, it was clear that Seeker Lover Keeper were on song. With the new album being written collaboratively, the band make greater use of each other’s voices than they have in the past. 

There were few occasions when a guitar was on stage, but Holly Throsby wielded her danelectro for a rousing version of Not Only I. The first 10 songs of the evening were exclusively from the new album Wild Seeds with lead vocals being shared out evenly between each band member, with a generous dose of mellotron appearing on most of the tunes. Sarah Blasko received the loudest applause of the evening during Time To Myself, yet it was her banter with Holly Throsby that kept things bright. 

Two Dreamers was the highlight with its brand of summery pop being irrepressible on the night, again showing Seltmann to be the most underrated member of the group despite her flawless songwriting. Delving back into their debut album, Theme I was given an energetic workout with drummer Laurence Pike, who was in turn given applause by the band for his nuanced playing. Light All My Lights was given a muscular outing, before the much loved Even Though I’m A Woman rounded out the show. 

An obligatory encore led to the three friends showing off their singing chops through a hushed Bring Me Back, before Let It Out made way for new album title track Wild Seeds. The best moment in the encore came as Throsby gave a manufactured spiel about the artist who created the Seeker Lover Keeper tea towels that were on sale, that had fluid facts and a tonne of mirth. There are few bands that enjoy each other’s company as much as Seeker Lover Keeper, and it is hard not to be taken along for the ride. There are no lack of quality songs either. 


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