SAN CISCO Reasons gets 7/10

San Cisco
Island City Records


Local stars San Cisco have once again proven they are one of Australia’s hardest working bands. They’ve released their brand new single Reasons, announced upcoming EP Flaws as a taster for their forthcoming 2020 studio album, and an extensive world tour to celebrate. Latest track Reasons is a return to their best-loved sound and feels more like earlier tracks than 2019’s Skin, leaving fans to wonder just what progressions are in the works for their forthcoming releases.

Reasons boasts a tangy guitar coming in from the start and seamlessly finds that classic indie pop sound to sit comfortably within the genre, even while offering a synth-based progression on the same backing. As a whole production, this gives the track an uplifting aesthetic and is sure to send the crowd wild when nestled within a live set.

As an ode to loved ones, Jordi Davieson explained the track is about letting others know it’s okay to be vulnerable and make mistakes with the idea of healing relationships through communication and trust. He further said that, “the sentiment is not about dismissing the pain but more about sharing it,” and that is echoed throughout the lyrics.

Despite the repetitive lyrical nature that holds true to a standard pop song, the track builds vocally within each line which lends an interesting facade. Drummer Scarlett Stevens’ vocals in key moments, particularly on the bridge, offers the moment a stunning feminine touch and is followed through to the soft final chords that round out this latest release.

Catch San Cisco early in their three-month tour at Freo.Social on April 19 and at Groovin’ The Moo in Bunbury on April 26.


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