Ryan Adams


Ryan Adams

Pax-Am Records/Sony


Ryan Adams is in the top couple of poster boys of the Americana scene and yet remains a character that people love to hate. Adams solo shows of a few years ago indicated that he’d developed a sense of humour and no longer sees his crowd as something to be ignored. The New York resident is constantly releasing limited 7” releases but when he puts his hand to a full-length album, he generally sticks to the road most travelled.

There is an ‘80s classic rock sound to Ryan Adams that evokes thoughts of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. As per that era, there is an excess of stellar guitar tones, yet they are often coupled with some pretty ordinary drum sounds to square the ledger. First single, Give Me Something Good, may appear unremarkable at first listen, but the staccato guitar and clever hook heavy chorus seeps in deeper and deeper with each listen and takes hold.

Not being backed by his band The Cardinals on this record results in there being very few overtly country elements which should again divide his fan base. In spite of this, Adams is in great voice whether he be turning up the ache on My Wrecking Ball or showing off his resilience for Feels Like Fire.

Ryan Adams sits somewhere in the middle ground of Adams releases. It may not be his pinnacle but there is enough here appeal to the disciples.



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