The Russian Resurrection Film Festival has begun screening a new Russian blockbuster film every month around Australia, presenting an opportunity to see films that audiences are unlikely to be able to see anywhere else. On Sunday, May 26 at Event Cinemas Innaloo it will begin with a screening of Tobol: The Conquest of Siberia.

Based on actual historical events, Tobol: The Conquest of Siberia takes place in Russia during the reign of Peter I at a time of the empire’s complex formation when bloody feuds and external enemy encroachments are commonplace.

The film follows Ivan Demarin, a young officer of Tsar Peter’s new guard, who is sent on assignment to Siberia, to a border town of Tobolsk. Here, he meets his first love and but also faces mortal danger when hostile Dzungar hordes attack.

With a new film every month, it should sate any desire for Russian cinema till the film festival in November.

Tobol: The Conquest of Siberia screens this Sunday, May 26 at Event Cinemas Innaloo. For details check Event Cinemas or Russian Resurrection Film Festival website.

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