The Russian Resurrection Film Festival lands in Perth on Friday, October 27. Now in its 14th year the Russian Resurrection Film Festival brings a host of Russian cinema to Cinema Paradiso from October 27 to November 1.

The range will be pretty varied, with a little for everyone’s tastes. From vikings to ballet, historical romances to children’s tales, comedy to John Malkovich – it’s a pretty impressive range. There were a few films that caught our eye.

Spacewalker (pictured above) is a science-fact (as opposed to science fiction) adventure set in the heart of the Space Race. As the USSR and USA via for dominance in space both look to do something that has never been done before, to actually have a human walk in the cold vacuum of space.

The Bolshoi a coming of age drama about a young ballerina’s struggle to achieve success, and the sacrifices she needs to make to do this.

Blockbuster sees a wannabe model hit upon a rather unique idea to fund her career, by robbing a bank. A blackly comedic road movie, with something to say about our obsession with fame.

With his 80th birthday this year, Andrei Konchalvosky is celebrated by the Russian Resurrection Film Festival with a retrospective taking place around the country. Perth will be seeing his classic Hollywood film Runaway Train (1985). A sensation at the time of release, this has been somewhat overlooked of late. Rediscover this gem of a thriller, by the director of Tango and Cash (1989), based on a script by cinema legend Akira Kurosawa, and starring John Voight, Eric Roberts and Rebecca De Mornay.

The Russian Resurrection Film Festival is at Cinema Paradiso from October 27 to November 1.


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