Riding Smooth: Electric Scooter Maintenance Tips To Keep Its Powerful Performance

We all have been there- the time when our e-bike, scooter or car stops in the middle of the road. It can be frustrating when you’re rushing to reach the destination but failing to do so because the scooter won’t move an inch. Ultimately, you’ll start to blame the vehicle manufacturers. 

But if you think with a cool mind, it’s possible that this was your fault somewhere. Usually, neglecting maintenance and servicing is the reason why the electric scooter fails to operate. 

Like all other vehicles, electric scooters require regular maintenance. But, we have the notion that if it’s working properly, why waste time servicing it? And this negligence brings us to unprecedented situations where they stop working. We then think of corrective maintenance to bring the scooter back to life, which results in high repair and replacement costs. 

However, if we take preventive maintenance steps, we can avoid such scenarios, improve the electric scooter performance and save our valuable time and money. And most importantly, enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride. 

Here are some effective tips for maintaining your electric scooter that translates into improved performance. 

Keeping Your Electric Scooter Clean

A simple and effective way to increase the life of your electric scooter is regular and efficient cleaning if you use it for commuting. While we are on the road, the dirt and grime stick on the crucial components of the electric scooter. If not cleaned, they can come in contact with water and cause rusting. 

So, clean your scooter regularly with soap and water. Wipe down all the parts from handles and seats to chain covers and wheels. You can use a narrow and gentle brush to access hard-to-reach areas like the chain. Once you are done with water and soap, use a dry cloth to wipe the scooter. 

Note: As many electric scooters are not waterproof, do not use the hose for cleaning. Ensure your scooter is not charging and is switched off. 

Inspect Your Electric Scooter Tyres

When cleaning your scooter, you should go ahead and inspect the tyres. Under-inflated tyres or over-inflating tyres can lead to a bumpy and uncomfortable riding experience. If the tyres are under-inflated and you keep using them, that may damage the rim. Moreover, riding with under-inflated tyres requires more battery power, which degrades the overall performance. 

Reliable manufacturers, like Xiaomi Electric Scooters, provide vehicle manuals that mention the tyre pressure levels. Keep your tyre within this range to ensure a smooth ride. You can ride your scooter on rough terrains, grass, and other surfaces with precise tyre pressure levels. 

Also, check the grip and firmness of your tyres and ensure they are not slippery.

Looking After The Chain or Belt

Electric Scooters come in several variations. Some are equipped with chains, while others have belts. So, carefully examine the chain or belt of the scooter. 

Bring your electric scooter to the main stand so that you can move both wheels. Check if the chain or belt is too tight; if so, make it loose. If it is too loose, make it tight. Your chain or belt should have ideal tension- not too tight, not too loose. Otherwise, you will feel the loss of power.

Clean and lubricate your electric scooter’s chain for better performance. Never apply lubricant to belt-equipped electric scooters.

Maintaining The Battery’s Performance

Clearly, the battery is one of the most important components of your electric scooter. It powers the whole system. If the battery malfunctions, the other parts fail to work. So, you should give proper attention to battery care.

Keep The Battery Charged: Electric scooter manufacturers recommend charging the battery after every ride. If the battery is about 20% to 30%, it puts pressure on the scooter, and the battery may get damaged. Keeping the battery partially discharged may result in oxidation and damage. So, make a habit of charging it after every ride.

But don’t overcharge it!

As it goes for all devices, like smartphones, overcharging is not recommended for electric scooters too. As soon as the scooter indicates full battery, unplug the charger and store it safely. Common practices you can include to upkeep battery performance include:

  • Switching off the scooter on signals.
  • Turn the battery switch off when not in use.
  • Perform a battery health check from service centre

Also, look for the parts like brakes, handling, and seat to avoid sudden repairs. 

Final Thoughts

Just a weekly check-up can upkeep the solid performance of your electric scooter and add years to its lifespan. So, take proper preventive care of the scooter and enjoy a thrilling and safe ride. 


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