RICH BRIAN Sails back to Australia

Following on from his impressive Australian debut just last year which saw rising international star Rich Brian sell out his first ever shows in Australia within a matter of hours, the 19-year-old Indonesian rap sensation returns to Australia next month. His Aussie tour kicks off at Metro City in Perth on Thursday, August 29 before heading to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Auckland in New Zealand.

On his new album The Sailor, Rich Brian is not only feeling the sea change but motion sickness too. The Sailor is a literal and metaphorical expression of a young man who is observing his own changing-self in the greater context of today’s world.

Growing up home-schooled in Indonesia, Brian found the internet to be his English teacher and window to the world beyond. After moving to America alone at the age of 17, Brian has been both awed and humbled by his experiences, as they simultaneously smack him down to Earth and lift him up. Two years later, Rich Brian has come a long way.

The Sailor is out July 26. Rich Brian plays Metro City Thursday, August 29. Tickets for all shows go on sale at 2pm Friday, July 19 from livenation.com.au.

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