RAAVE TAPES Top five things we love about Perff

Raave Tapes
Newcastle garage punk trio RAAVE TAPES are just about to hit Perth in support of their latest single SUDS with one show only at Amplifier on Saturday, June 2. The new single and accompanying video clip for SUDS addresses the belief that intoxication isn’t an acceptable excuse for poor behaviour. This is the ethos they bring to their live shows, where having fun is paramount – as long as it’s not at the expense of anyone else. They’re especially looking forward to bringing their good vibes to Perth as part of their national headline tour and were kind enough to give us their Top Five reasons why:

1) Calling it Perff.

As in “Perffect.” We’ll like using that as an adjective for the entire trip. As in: “How’s the weather today?” “Aw dude it’s absolutely Perff.”

2) RTRFM!!

We actually did our first ever in-studio interview at RTR – on the other side of the country. Go figure. They held our hands and told us that everything was going to be Okay. And it was. I bet RTRFM stands for Really Terrific Radical Fun Mad-dogs.

3) Going the distance

As far as Australian tours go, Perff is pretty much an international long-haul flight. This means we get a to ride in a big dog plane with our own personal in-flight entertainment systems. Last tour, we found out these systems have a big group chat involving every passenger. Naturally, the entire plane copped a really polite invite to our dumb rock show. I also smashed Lewis at virtual pool and watched a nice Wes Anderson Film.

4) Brad Hogg

We’ll never forget his legendary stint as captain of the Perth Scorchers in the Big Bash League.

5) Jack Rabbit Slims

We’ve only made the trip over once, but our show at Jack Rabbit Slim’s was so damned lovely. The stage lighting was wild and the staff treated us so well. We can’t wait to get back and see what the rest of the city has in store for us.

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