QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE The Evil Has Landed gets 8.5/10

Queens of the Stone Age
The Evil Has Landed
Matador/Remote Control


As if we all weren’t all impatient enough for the new album as it is, Queens Of The Stone Age have thrown us a bone to try and tide us over before new album Villains is released on August 25.

The Evil Has Landed is one of those tracks where it will take you a few listens to really appreciate it. Not because it’s a bad song, not even because it’s a ‘grower’ but because they have managed to jam-pack SO much into it from start to finish.

It is one of the longest songs on the album and starts off slowly, drawing you in with every beat before Homme sings: “Going on a living spree; plenty wanna come with me”.

It is a very upbeat song and Homme, Troy Van Leeuwen and Michael Shuman just make those guitars absolutely wail. As an added bonus, after seeing them on the east coast recently I can confidently confirm The Evil Has Landed translates just as well live and that is exactly what you need from a QOTSA song. After all, most QOTSA fans live for their stage shows.

Once again, their talent shines through ever so brightly and they have given us a track that is as close (and yet so far away) as their earlier albums. There will be some out there that want to hate on the track but as Homme sings in the outro: “it matters not what the people say, ’cause here we come. Get outta the way”. Because baby, QOTSA are back and better than ever.



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