PROTO|CODE Ascension Launch this Saturday

The drum and bass scene in Perth is getting a resurgence as the team from Proto|Code Music take drum and bass underground at The Sewing Room this Saturday, September 15 from 10pm.

The event marks the launch of the brand new Perth record label, who are leading the launch and unleashing a 12 track compilation with the input of some established artists and a host of newcomers to bring the heat. The 12 track compilation puts together some of the most groundbreaking bass music pioneers in Western Australia, from Profane to Dead Zodiac and Wyn. 

The launch of this imprint further highlights just how pivotal independent platforms are becoming within drum and bass and on first listen to this colossal album, there’s no denying the wealth of talent stretched across its track listing. In collaboration with the ProtoCode team, we have a track by track listing to give a taste of what can be expected on Saturday night

ASCENSION Launch Track by Track

The album starts off with the joint-force of Volatile Cycle and Barbarix for Own Way, a track with hollowed drum rolls and thumping levels of sub bass. With Humanon entering the party straight after with Riff, the cinematic intro and scuttling percussive undertones take this album to Ascension. Wresker and Kilobite’s Thunderbolt joins Esym’s track Nexus and Dead Zodiac’s Source Code to present yet more carefully refined, upfront levels of attitude.

Records like Profane’s Cosmic Dub and Confusious’ Adrenaline continues to build ProtoCode’s platform

Density’s Headstrong, WYN’s A Meeting and Against Odds’ Run are all identifiably slick.

In a different approach, Bold Theory’s Giant Eggplants is a minimalistic, half-time monster. As it lumbers through with ticking beats and a throbbing bassline, Bold Theory makes their presence known against the other artists which making their first debut on the imprint.

Ending the album is Dynamics’ Habituated, which leaves a lasting impression. You’re left reeling at the pure ferocity of this first release, especially on a label which has just risen against many of its more longstanding counterparts.

The Proto|Code Ascension Launch is at The Sewing Room this Saturday, September 15.

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