PHILIP LA ROSA X-clusive video premiere: Baggage

Local electro-pop artist Philip La Rosa has released the powerful new video for his latest single Baggage. The track is a sensual display of positive vulnerability manifesting and adds to La Rosa’s demonstrated history of deep pop hits that represent himself, his communities and the courage to seek change.

Baggage is a ballad for the emancipated spirit, with passionately interwoven melodies and yielding production providing a euphoria not yet heard in Philip La Rosa’s repertoire. La Rosa says the song was born from the unpacking of himself, as he was able to let his walls down and unwrap trauma with a person of shared history. “With the baggage aired a positive change delivered, both a strong friendship and inspiration emerged” he said.

One of the most touching messages that comes through in the songs is that “Love is a currency we can afford.” Philip La Rosa expressed the meaning behind this on his instagram page, stating “the most affordable form of happiness is love.”

“We all have so much to give and that doesn’t mean just saying “I love you,” he said. “See a plant you think someone will like? Grab it, drop it off. Think a friend might need some encouragement? Boost them up. Know someone who doesn’t like to talk but needs a shoulder to cry on? Go sit by their side. Showing love isn’t always a grand gesture. It’s the little things. Quality time, a text in the morning telling them to have the best day, being supportive during the lows and the highs, respecting their feelings, understanding their thought process and emotional needs and more often than not…just listening.”

Check out the video for Baggage below, or stream it on the platform of your choice here