PEKING DUK/EXAMPLE @ Ice Cream Factory gets 8/10

Peking Duk (DJ set) @ Ice Cream Factory

w/ Example, Nicole Millar
Monday, December 23, 2019


The Ice Cream Factory has become a fortnight long surreal experience. Walking through, it definitely appears like a festival, with the pastel, multiple bars, a zip line, DJs scattered around, and the sequined outfits and massive dance floors inside and outside the factory warehouse. This collaboration between local businesses has attracted an animated audience with its stellar line up. 

On this particular night, the factory warehouse starred the long since sold out line up of Nicole Millar, Example from the UK doing a DJ set, and Peking Duk also performing a DJ set to get us grooving. Plus the lights crew, who get a massive shout out for the incredible performance that accompanied the artists. 

Nicole Millar immediately captivated and set the audience into a groove with her hits Signals and Tremble. Performing in a latex suit while jumping across the stage seems like quite a feat. 

Example lit up the stage with bright smoke and later a man front flipping into the crowd. There was a lot of encouragement to get on shoulders and by this stage the audience was getting extremely hot and packed. Changed the Way You Kiss Me was the biggest crowd pleaser with people belting out their lungs. His ‘impressionist’ shirt was also a hilarious touch. 

Peking Duk really brought home and tied up the night. Performing a DJ set, the two were hugely enthusiastic and sweated through their clothes so much their decks temporarily stopped working.

While many popular tunes were played to get the crowd to engage and enjoy themselves (along with the copious amount of alcohol), when Peking Duk played their own hits such as Stranger and then as Nicole Millar appeared on stage alongside them to perform the closing song and ARIA top five single High, the crowd nearly lost it. Phone lights were on, shoulders were sat on, even poles were climbed. 

The acts were all exhilarating and claimed to love Perth. The only terrifying things that happened was the flip into the crowd and the potential to pass out from the heat. But what’s a party without a wild side?


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