PABLO FRANCISCO And half of LA on the Australianator Tour

 will be heading West to touch down at The Astor Theatre next Tuesday, September 25, 2018… And he’s bringing half of LA with him. He’s a comedian who has earned a reputation for his unique talent to weave together his one of a kind arsenal of off the wall characters and spot-on impressions. Francisco draws his audience into his vivid imagination and takes them on a wild ride as they experience his spontaneous outbursts, clever insights and some of the funniest rapid fire comedy ever unleashed. ANNIE MUNROE caught up with Francisco whilst he was still in LA to chat about his guest stars, his career so far and all the grit that comes with the comedian lifestyle. 

Tell us about your latest project, Here We Go Again?

Here We Go Again… Well basically we’re going right back to the beginning roots, but we’re gonna tick every topic and we’re gonna extend on (them). We’re going to make fun of all the things that people bring out there again. We’re going to hit the reality shows (and) we’re going to hit Mark Wahlberg. (He’s) in every movie now so we’re going to make fun of him and we’re going to have fun doing it. Anybody that wants to start the party, come to the Pablo show. Trump’s gonna be there. Say hello Trump. “I really date all of the beautiful women. I used to go out with Ariana Grande and I would take her to the dance clubs and all of the other guys would try to dance with her but I would say uh-uh-uh, nacho Grande.” It’s fun for the whole family.

Do you change your comedic approach based on which country you’re in, or do you find that most of your work is translatable across audiences?

It’s very translatable because it doesn’t deal with too much politics. (The show is) basically for the hip civilian. It’s a little bit of ADD-EFG-HIJKLMNOP. When the audience comes, and they say they’re fans, I just look at is as a big bond so we just have a good time. It’s a good place to go and get the party started.

I heard you started your career after delivering pizzas to a comedy lounge, is that right?

Yeah, that’s correct. I was influenced by a lot of curt things. Working at a pizza place and making fun of your employees and then it goes to your roommate’s and neighbour’s and stuff. It’s a hobby that basically comes a career. It’s a beautiful thing and I’d suggest it to anybody out there. You know, you’ve got Youtube where you can put yourself on YouTube right there at your house. You can really have fun with it. I recommend it to everyone.

That was one thing I wanted to ask you, was what impact you thought technology has had on your career?

With the internet now it works for you and against you. If you use the technology right, it can basically change lives and it makes people happy. There’s also that people can download your stuff now. You can be on YouTube so instead of going to the movie theatre where you have to be on time, you can basically watch anything you want at your (home). What’s fantastic about it is that you can go check myself out on YouTube and then if you want you can see me at the show and yell it out. I’ll do requests.

What’s your favourite impression to do?

Yeah, we try to update ourselves – me and my friend Steve Kramer who will be on the show as well. We update ourselves with all the celebrities in LA. Donald Trump of course and Mark Wahlberg who is everywhere. We’re looking forward to getting any other ideas when we get to Australia because the whole place is a perfect place to try out new stuff. You guys are super hip to everything and you’ve got the best rock band there (with) AC/DC. It’s a beautiful thing.

Is there anything you would say to the people who get offended by your routine, if your style of human doesn’t necessarily agree with them?

You know, the thing is that I’m very aware. I don’t like to make people feel uncomfortable and everyone’s pretty much intelligent who comes to the show and they know what a good time is. I look at the world the same way anyone else does. We get into the internet, we get into what’s popular. I haven’t had that so far. So far it’s been really good. If you’re going to get offended, you’re having a bad day. If I can change that around, come on through. It’s a place to take all your problems and put them inside and we can talk about them in a funny way.

Is it hard for you being known as the funny guy?

You know what, it all depends. I can’t say I’m funny-funny, but if I’m having a good night and usually I’m on a good roll and the people are in a good mood then I can be known as the funny guy. It’s up for the individual. Some people say you’re funny tonight. Some people say you didn’t smile too good. It all depends on the mood. Being known as the funny guy is a very big compliment and every time I hear it, it’s like hearing it for the first time.

Is there anything special you’re going to do during the week you’re in Australia?

Oh, I love asking directions from Australians because they always point their fingers. “Go that way, mate, or over here mate. Take a right here mate.” There’s always a mate in there. Can it be a check mate, or can you take care of the cheque mate. I use Matthew McConaughey as my GPS. “Alright, alright, alright”. It’s always good to go down there and see how different it is in such a beautiful way. Everyone gets along so much better there than I’ve ever seen. It’s gonna be like visiting your family.

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