Norfolk Lanes

Chela_1 v2The Norfolk Lanes Youth Festival is coming up once again and, as ever, is a showcase of the best on Fremantle’s musical up-and-comers. Tame Impala and San Cisco played the festival in their earlier days and it’s a pretty big deal for you bands to get on the bill. This time out it’s Chela, Bass Reflex, Tashi, Moana, Grrl Pal, Water Graves, Villain, Mad

Rabbit, Everybody And The Stuff, The Liarbirds, Connor Minervini, Claudia & Ebony Tero, Dylan McCoy and Aborted Tortoise. It’s a good thing on Saturday, November 9, from noon-7pm in Norfolk Lane and Essex Street, Fremantle. It’s free event for all-ages.

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