NEW NAUSEA Bright Bloody Blue gets 8/10

New Nausea
Bright Bloody Blue


Perth-Fremantle outfit New Nausea have finally released recorded material as a fully fleshed band. 

Debut single Bright Bloody Blue, a staple at the group’s live gigs, is a gateway drug with two deliciously addictive outcomes for listeners. One; if you haven’t had a chance to catch New Nausea live, this track will have you lining up to skol their energy on stage. Two; if you’re already familiar with the group’s performances, then Bright Bloody Blue will have you jonesing for the full album release as it drips out over the next few months. 

Lead singer and guitarist Albert Pritchard has put together a stellar line-up of seasoned local musicians. Guitarist Jacob Diamond and drummer Chris Wright (Methyl Ethel) along with bassist Rhian Todhunter (Calmly) bring a lushness to Pritchard’s songwriting. 

Pritchard is developing into a master of his medium. In Bright Bloody Blue he combines a vivacious, simple melody with lyrics that make you question the existence we enjoy around us. This format is a recipe for much of the group’s output. It’s up to you to decide if you’re being preached at, but what’s important is how Pritchard makes you think about what he’s saying while having a good time. You can have a strong message wrapped inside a wonderful sound. 

If Bright Bloody Blue is any indication of the band’s potential, then listeners can be certain that whatever else comes from New Nausea will certainly not be boring. 


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