MINI MANSIONS Hey Lover gets 7.5/10

Mini Mansions ft Alison Mosshart
Hey Lover



Hey Lover, the latest release from Mini Mansions, takes you by surprise from the moment Michael Shuman starts singing. It’s a conversation between two lovers and on first listen, sounds like a beautiful love song but Mini Mansions has a delightfully twisted way of making darker subjects feel lighthearted.

It features legendary vocalist Alison Mosshart from The Kills and The Dead Weather and will be on their new album, Guy Walks Into A Bar (out July 26). Mosshart’s vocal complements Shuman’s deeper voice perfectly to give the song greater meaning.

They have also released a simple but effective video. They’ve gone ‘old-school’ for the clip and shows Shuman and Mosshart in different locations. Shuman in a recording studio and Mosshart at home but talking to each other on the nearly defunct landline. The one ‘complaint’ about the video is the filter that they have used that makes Mosshart look older than she is (but only because she’s such a strong, beautiful woman). It feels like it’s a statement about the relationship, how new love became old and pretty fast. It also strips it down to the raw emotion that is the undercurrent of the song: “We can’t pretend; no not anymore/ Don’t know how we’ve wasted all our love.”

The clip ends with Shuman walking away with his band mates and Mosshart left hanging on the phone… poetic really seeing as we are all hanging for the album release.


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