Match Centre, note tie icon top right

Match Centre, note tie icon top right

With the Australia vs. India Test Series now underway, Cricket.com.au has launched a brand new live scores page for the upcoming summer of cricket.

As well as scores, stats and video replays of every wicket from the Tests showcased in the Match Centre, there’s also an ingenious feature designed to help office workers around the country keep on top of the cricket without getting in trouble for skiving off.

By clicking on the small tie icon at the top right of the page, the website changes into Boss Mode, which at first glance looks to be an Excel spreadsheet. But on closer inspection it’s a live cricket scoreboard. Now you can see how Mitchell Johnson’s going without your boss knowing.

“We know how important cricket is to most Aussie workers,” says Finn Bradshaw, head of digital at Cricket Australia.

“I’ve been that guy hitting ‘alt-tab’ on my computer to jump back from the scoreboard so my boss doesn’t catch me checking the score. We wanted to find a way to help the average person keep on top of the cricket without raising their boss’ ire. Hopefully, this keeps passion and productivity high across the country.”

Play safe, cricket lovers.

Match Centre - Moss Mode

Match Centre – Boss Mode



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