MATT HALE Experience the chaos

One of WA’s biggest Fringe World acts Hypnotist Matt Hale is returning in 2022 with 31 performances across three venues. The sell-out, award-winning artist’s run of shows lasts for the entire of Fringe World this year, kicking off on January 14 with his brand-new, all-ages-friendly show Absolute Chaos, which runs until Sunday, February 13. For those wanting a truly unique Fringe experience this summer, Matt Hale will also be bringing the innovative new production The Clubnosis Experience to State Theatre Centre from Thursday, January 20 to Tuesday, January 25. BRAYDEN EDWARDS caught up with Matt Hale to find out why after all this time, the magic, power and fun of hypnotism continues to reveal itself in new ways through his chaotic performances.

Great to be having you back again at Fringe 2022! How will this Fringe be different from those you have done before?

It’ll kinda be like the name of the new show… Absolute Chaos! Not only will I be running 30 nights of the most high-energy chaotic comedy hypnosis show I’ve ever done, but will also be running a very limited run of my House Music and Hypnosis fusion DJ project, The Clubnosis Experience: House Music Guided Visualisation.

The Clubnosis Experience sounds like a really unique idea! Where did the idea come from and as far as you know, has anyone else ever combined hypnosis and club music before? 

It’s a truly unique experience that combines my DJ background and my hypnosis background. Whilst I don’t use hypnosis in it, I do apply certain aspects of hypnosis, such as strong visualisation, focus, and vivid imagination. Through my headset mic, I take you on a guided visualisation to a specially curated set of upfront and house music classics that I mix live, and is made even more immersive with Silent Disco headphones and the custom visuals that tie into the music and guided thoughts.

In the show it says you will harness the power of trance-inducing house music…what do you feel hypnotists and musicians have in common?

Music is inherently hypnotic.  The repetition of a beat or a phrase helps you “lose yourself” in the music, essentially a basic trance state. In my DJ career, I would often look out and see people in their own little world on the dance floor, not a care in the world. And of course, music holds a deep power of suggestion – think of how when you hear a certain tune, it can make you feel uplifted, joyous, serious, fun, or chilled out depending on the sound and the mood of that tune. Rather than happening by accident, I harness and purposely instigate this phenomenon in the experience.

I have heard hypnotism can release talents and creativity people didn’t know they had, what’s the most surprising thing you have seen someone do while they were hypnotised?

There’s been so many funny, and amazing things I’ve seen, as people interpret suggestions in different ways. However, neither me nor the audience will probably forget our absolute surprise at the breakdancing Granny, after I gave the suggestion to all the volunteers to “dance like no-one’s watching!”  Apparently when she was younger, her grandson would teach her some basic moves as a bit of fun. Years later, she’d still got it!

Is there anything the practice of hypnosis can teach us about our minds that can be applied to other aspects of life? 

Absolutely. It’s all about focusing on a thought so much it begins to feel real.  Our minds are really good at taking what we imagine and starting to weave it into our lives, or help guide us towards that goal. This is why you see a lot of high level sports stars engage in strong visualisation before big games, of how they want to act, feel, move, etc during a game. They’re giving their mind the mental tracks to follow, so that those actions already feel familiar, even though initially just imagined.

What are you looking forward to most at Fringe 2022 and where can we catch you?

I’m looking forward to the huge buzz that Fringe brings to Perth, and the chance to cross paths with so many different performers. And of course can’t wait to unleash my comedy hypnosis show Absolute Chaos at The State Theatre, Rechabite Hall, plus a couple of nights in my home suburb of Scarborough.

You’ll also find me under my DJ alter-ego, The Clubnotist for five nights only in a very special underground venue at The State Theatre with The Clubnosis Experience.