MAL DE MER Goodbye Headache gets 6.5/10

Mal De Mer

Goodbye Headache


Mal De Mer are a hail storm. They’re hard to absorb and hurt a little, yet for the anarchist at heart, the pain is a relief. Personally, I sit very close to the border of pissed-off youth. There’s a lot to be dissatisfied about in the world, so when I first came across Mal De Mer, I felt like I had found a band that finally speaks my language. In the past, I’ve described Mal De Mer as having a “lyrical approach that carries the kind of cynicism that is characteristic to the Gen Y experience,” which still rings true in this release.

Goodbye Headache starts quite suddenly, thrusting you into their universe with a jolting start. The visceral lyrical delivery sits roughly against the skin, with the addition of the synth support during the chorus creating a jittery context. It’s a hairy rendition with a melody that feels new against the current local music scene. The lead guitarist chats away with his guitar during the bridge and the bass player’s ever-presence is a sweet touch. As a collective, it works yet there are elements I would have loved to see extended.

Perhaps the next level for Mal De Mer is a song that amplifies their witty and rhetoric lyrics against their fresh take on melodic adventurism to speak on concepts like corruption or global warming. I want this band of pissed off youth to be the voice for other pissed off youth. As a pissed off youth, I want an anthem and I want my anthem to come from Mal De Mer.


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