MAGGIE ROGERS Love You For A Long Time gets 7/10

Maggie Rogers
Love You For A Long Time
Debay Sounds/Capitol


Maggie Rogers is back to whisk us away into a dreamscape with a brand new single Love You For a Long Time, her first new music since debut album Heard It In a Past Life in January this year. Love You For a Long Time has a certain country feel and authenticity as it explores a carefree love and devotion. Rogers explained the track is not focused on a single person, rather it expresses her love in many forms including the love she has for her band and loyal fans.

The track opens with the line “Came in like a vision from the old west wind/ Like some bright new dream that I was stepping in,” which sets the feeling for the rest of the song by establishing this dreamy atmosphere complimented by the silky backing. Rogers shows off her stunning vocal range in each chorus and making them a welcome repetition.

The track holds remnants of Heard It In a Past Life, particularly in hit track Light On but also shows a progression in Rogers’ vocals. Musically, this single is clean and inviting with a somewhat continuous melody that changes only slightly through the bridge, but it’s kept interesting with Rogers’ main and backing vocals. A subtle acoustic-country element a la 70s Fleetwood Mac is present throughout, adding to the rustic, end of summer feeling.

Love You For a Long Time captures the feeling of a summers night, like an afterglow highlighting a beautiful day similar to the warmth that arises when reflecting on a pure love. With its authentic lyrics and stripped back instrumentals, this track is set to be a soothing and inspiring summertime anthem.


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