LISA WOODBROOK Summer of love

Perth-based singer, songwriter and performer Lisa Woodbrook is gearing up for massive summer. Earlier this month she unveiled her new single Love > Lessons, an anthemic pop hit that builds on her debut single So Bad and follow-up Hold On. The new music is just the beginning for Woodbrook, who is also bringing her Fringe show It’s Not Me, It’s Definitely You to The Rechabite from Tuesday, January 18 until Sunday, January 23, featuring the songs of Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen spun through Woodbrook’s own comedic tales about dating, relationships and more. BRAYDEN EDWARDS caught up Lisa Woodbrook to find out about her venture into original pop music, and why she can’t wait to reimagine the music of her favourite stars with a full live band on stage at Fringe World 2022.

Congrats on the release of your new single, Love > Lessons. Do you recall what you were feeling when you first wrote this and does the message behind the song still resonate with you? 

Thanks! For sure, I remember writing this after I finished So Bad where we let loose on heartbreak and ballad vibes, so with this new tune I wanted to create an upbeat anthem about what it feels like when you’re really enjoying feeling the love. These ideas then morphed into Love > Lessons, and the sense of letting go, taking a chance and really enjoying the moment still resonates with me.

Musically speaking, how is this track different from your previous singles, and are there any artists in particular you feel inspired it? 

This tune is very different to my previous ones; So Bad was a ballad about heartbreak, Hold On a chilled, sassy tune and what I wanted with Love > Lessons was for people to get up and dance. I really wanted to create an energetic vibe musically and team it with positive, uplifting lyrics. I’m a huge Dua Lipa fan and feel her influence in this song along with the anthem-esque style of Lady Gaga.

Speaking of influences, this Fringe you’re bringing your show It’s Not Me, It’s Definitely You to The Rechabite, which features the music of Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen. What song by either of these artists sums up your 2021 so far and why? 

What a cool question! I’ve had a really fun year and Valerie is always a great song in the show, I feel this year was a big year of Valerie party vibes. I’ve been doing this show for a while now and the lyrics in every tune resonate differently as I evolve, how the show evolves, and also different audiences. It’s been an awesome ride performing this show and how each song can mean something new each time I perform. There’s a particular line in 22 that really hits different now I’m 29 (laughs).

And what was it about these artists that made you want to do a Fringe show about them? 

These artists are fierce, honest and incredibly talented songwriters and by combining the two I found this great blend of heartfelt and hilarious narratives. Both these artists bring a deeper richness to the show and I can’t imagine the show without either of them.

Of course the music is just one side of the show, as it also delves into the pitfalls of dating and relationships. Were you always able to see the funny side of these experiences, or was there any time in particular you realised it would make great content for a show? 

Of course, the funny side is the best side! Dating is such a fun process, awkward moments are truly a thing of the past, own it baby! I wrote this show as I felt there was a shared sentiment towards dating apps from me and my mates and I began exploring the topic with these songs in mind and BAM! It’s Not Me was born. What’s great about this show is sharing stories that really resonate with the audience, it’s great chatting to people post show and they mentioned how they had similar stories or experiences. Dating is such a universal topic and everyone has their own hilarious story to tell.

Is there anything in particular you are looking forward to most for Fringe next year? 

We have a band this year! I’m super excited to perform this show with some new tunes and a big band. The music is going to sound hot!

And what can we look forward to from you for the rest of 2022 and beyond? Any more new music or live shows in the pipeline? 

Next year is jam packed already with lots of tours and maybe more new original music. I’m excited to continue to develop myself as an independent artist and hopefully mash it together with my cabaret shows. Stay tuned!

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