KIM CHURCHILL East coast to the west coast

Award-winning folk favourite Kim Churchill is making his way round WA as he travels the country touring his sun-soaked new single Fighter, from his forthcoming album due later this year. After already playing in venues in Exmouth and Geraldton this month, the singer-songwriter is set to play at Beerfarm in Metricup on Saturday, May 28, before a special performance for Suburban Vibes in Cottesloe, co-headlined by Perth’s own Katy Steele, at the Cottesloe Civic Centre Gardens on Sunday, May 29. BRAYDEN EDWARDS caught up with Churchill to find out more about the new single, life on the road and what we can look forward to at his shows.

You’ve been traversing the country touring your latest track Fighter. How does it feel to be back on the road after the past few years?

Yes! It’s been beautiful to feel some moments of real normal touring life. I actually managed to stay on the rough throughout most of COVID. My friend built me a Campervan stage that I could play on and live in, and I did a lot of COVID safe gigs in big fields and stuff like that. I feel very lucky. The touring has, and still is, really really hard because of everything that the pandemic throws but in general, it’s good to keep swimming and there have been so many beautifully rewarding evenings on the road.

And what’s the most surprising thing you have encountered on the road so far?

Hmmmmm. The most surprising. Well, we just broke down 50 k’s out of Exmouth and ended up staying the week. That was a surprise. We did some cool hikes and got to swim with the whale sharks. It was a really cool curve ball which has been so so fun.

What do you feel has been the most important things that have shaped the songs you have most recently written and recorded?

I started getting up at 5am to write. That’s been really transformative. I’ll stumble out of the van and put the billy on. I’ll light some candles, push record, and just play for a few hours. Slowly the day wakes up around me. It’s a beautiful setting for creativity and I feel a strong gateway to that mystical subconscious place that songs and dreams and ideas come from.

Aside from the music I understand you surf too – any chance of getting some waves during your travels?

Yeah Exmouth has been super fun the last few days. I daresay when we’re down in the south west we’ll sneak a couple of surfs in too. It’s so nice to have that love alongside music. Especially in a country like Australia.

I expect we can hear some new material, like Fighter at your performance at Suburban Vibes on Sunday, May 29? What else can we look forward to at this show?

Oh yeah for sure! I’ve been playing Fighter live and there’s a few others I’ve been throwing out from time to time. I think it will be a beautiful evening down there at Cottesloe Civic Gardens. It’s a co-headliner with Katy Steele and I’m really excited to play with her. I’m also bringing over my cellist who accompanies my one-man bandy kind of thing. I feel really classy with him up there also (laughs).

All the Suburban Vibes shows I’ve played have been these beautiful natural settings with wonderfully attentive crowds. The music really comes to life when it’s given some true silence to be painted onto. I’m excited to step it all up a notch this time!

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