UK born singer-songwriter Kayleigh Killick has just released her debut single Love Ya Life and she’s celebrating with a launch show on Saturday, March 12 at Convenients in Northbridge. Armed with tunes off her upcoming debut EP, Kayleigh will debut her original set with a full band, delivering catchy piano-driven alt-pop with support from Sgt. Hulka, Bad Weather, Redcliffe and Luca Bonini. BRAYDEN EDWARDS caught up with Kayleigh Killick to find out why the new tune is just the beginning of bigger and better things.

How did you first get into playing music and who do you think inspired you most in the beginning?

My dad is a self-taught pianist and a bloody good one at that! So as kids, my siblings and I always had access to a piano in the house, enabling us to follow in his artistic footsteps. I’d love to play the boogie-woogie as well as him, but he’s a machine.

I’ve always looked up to my auntie Denise musically as well. She has played the saxophone for as long as I can remember and was always in bands. She even had a little kitted-out studio in her back garden, and I’ll never forget the feeling of pride I had when I got to have a look inside. It had that distinct smell that recording studios have.

My very first love of actual music came with The Beatles. They will always be the inspiration that got me into music at a young age! I would listen to them over and over again on my old school cassette tape player with headphones, and I’d become lost in a colourful world of emotion and feelings.

What was it about this song that made you want to release it as your debut single?

I love this song! In fact, I’m still surprised that I actually wrote this song (laughs). I had pretty positive reactions when playing it to friends and family, a slight head bopping, and so forth. When people started comparing the overall vibe to Lily Allen I was 100% sold that it was the one. I think she’s fantastic, and it was a huge compliment. 

And how did you go about capturing the sound on record? Did you have some others who helped you bring it to life?

I have a bit of an amateur studio set up at home, so I’m lucky because I can at least lay down the overall idea first. I then went to the amazing Todd Fishwick from Wail Records, who helped me to bring it to life. We spent the day building the song with different instruments and sounds and a decent amount of tea. 

Is this single is a good indication of how any other upcoming music might sound from you? Or are there other kinds of styles or influences that will be revealed?

I’m a bit of a mixed bag actually. I definitely think the track showcases who I am as an artist in general, but there are other styles and influences thrown into my music. The general vibe is alt-pop, but some songs will have more of a ballad sound, some will break into a rocky chorus, and some have more of a folk vibe – something for everyone, I guess. 

Who else is playing with you on the launch night and what made them a good fit for the occasion?

I wanted to showcase a bit of variety in the line-up. We will be kicking off the night with an acoustic set from Luca Bonini. He was highly recommended, and I’m looking forward to hearing him play. We also have a three-piece blues/rock trio called Redcliffe. As soon as my bassist Bec and I heard them, we were sold. I love blues!! 

We have a set from Bad Weather who I’m very excited to have on the line-up. Their music was a perfect fit. I experienced a lot of nostalgia while watching the video for their track Caring is Cool.

And lastly, Kirsty Hulka, and her six-piece band, aka Sgt Hulka. Good luck to them fitting on the stage at Convenients (laughs). I know they will steal the show! They carry a vibe that makes you want to throw down whatever you’re doing and party! I’m excited for a great show and a great night!

What’s next for you from here? Any more music or live shows in the works we can look forward to next?

Actually, yes. I have a few single releases up my sleeve, and my EP will be released this year as well. As for live shows, I plan to perform as much as possible with my band and even just with my piano if I have to. I’m so excited to release my music into the world finally!

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