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It’s Record Store Day this Saturday April 19! And to help celebrate, Junction Records in Fremantle are giving one lucky X-Press reader a $30 Vinyl Voucher. This is a voucher to be spent on exclusively on records in the store on the day.  If you’re interested, and will be in Freo on Record Store Day, Subscribe to X-Press Shout-Out, and email:win@xpressmag.com.au and let us know what your favourite record of all time is!

Check out their Facebook here.

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  1. my favorite record of all time is

    Mr Bungle – California

    its one of the most musically diverse albums with influences from Frank Zappa, Motown, Heavy Metal, tribal, swing, jazz etc

    song parts can change on a dime and still sound relevant its some of the most well thought out fusion music. from their to prior releases you can see there progression from avant-garde to a group of interesting musicians in their own right who all went on to great projects in there own right. but California will always be a time capsule of musical genius over flowing form every player

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