JOAN AND THE GIANTS Advocate gets 8/10

Joan and the Giants


Joan and the Giants’ sixth and newest single, Advocate, is a message to recognise when we’re stuck in a dying relationship and accepting responsibility for our part in its demise.

Advocate follows the same general themes as the local act’s previous songs, but is more uplifting in its rhythm and tone. The song steers away from the Giants’ usual sombre tone through the soft plucks of the electric guitar and upbeat pace of the drums. It begins on a high note, and maintains that throughout the song, only dropping in the end when it trails off quickly. The vocals carry a solemn and nostalgic tone, carrying the lessons learnt from the past.

The lyrics are packed with emotion and reflection, conveying that despite expectations or the best intentions, the passion in a relationship can fade over time. The message of the lyrics and the mood of the music sound like they would conflict with each other, but instead, it creates a tone of bittersweet acknowledgment.

Advocate pairs uplifting music with the same emotional impact and depth of Joan and the Giants’ previous tracks, making it a welcome and refreshing addition to their growing catalogue.


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