I KNOW LEOPARD Love Is A Landmine gets 9/10

I Know Leopard

Love Is A Landmine
Ivy League


I Know Leopard’s Love Is A Landmine signifies a solidification of sound. Oozing with 70s charm, electrifying synths and dreamily psychedelic production, the outfit transports us to another time and place. An effort that inspires comparisons to that of Tame Impala, the album moves steadily, washing over listeners with its smooth, non-invasive glam. It exists calmly, waiting for you to indulge further. Tracks like opener Landmine and single Heather groove and swell with undeniable hooks, instrumentally layered to perfection. “Heather, you can call me when you get your shit together,” a line that remains etched into the listener’s mind. It’s light and slightly comical, though that’s just the surface of this record.

The album sparkles with its enchanting production and carefully crafted intertwinings, with tracks like All That She Cared About highlighting the group’s musicianship and their capabilities in creating a track with several melodic forces. Love Is A Landmine feels like a soundtrack to an indie movie from the 70s, accompanying a heartbroken teenager on their journey to find love again. Instrumental Mums and Dads of Satanists is easily a standout, as vibrant synths tangle with a subtly painful melody hiding beneath. This record doesn’t feel as upbeat as it may present, instead, it feels like the tale of a demise. Undeniable in its exploration of love, the 11-tracker feels like an expedition to the darker side of emotion.

Seventy Lies is the hidden gem of the album. With a groove that makes it entirely impossible to remain still, swelling synth and ambient backing vocals, it encompasses the essence of Love Is A Landmine and blows it up. Lyrically introspective and instrumentally experimental, it’s a moment of perfection. Drawing likeness to recent HalfNoise, the track keeps up with the theme of sending listeners back a few decades – and forcing them to dance while they’re there.

Despite its 11 tracks, the album never once drags or stagnates. It continually moves forward, impressively cohesive and instantly addictive. It’s an album feels like it belongs together. Each song is its own, yet remains part of a larger story. Each move I Know Leopard make feels deliberate and precise, with Love Is A Landmine a startling example of what the project has to offer. They’ve found their stride and they run with it, taking care to leave nothing behind. The record just feels timeless. It moves you, holds you and releases you into the dazzling space it creates for you. There’s freedom in every second as if the music breathes for you. This is a monumental achievement for the group, something not to be overlooked. Love Is A Landmine is something of a masterpiece.


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