How To Make Learning To Play Guitar Easier

Learning how to play the guitar has never been easier, especially in this age of information and technology. Some choose to learn the guitar the hard way, but why go through all that trouble when you can learn the tricks and hacks of playing the guitar the easy way. Today, you can learn just about anything with the available, limitless resources on the internet. The challenge, however, is finding the time to learn the things that you’d want to. 

You’ll agree that life as we know it has become busier than it used to. So, the very first step when it comes to learning the guitar is creating the time for your lessons, committing yourself to a learning program, and having the zeal for it because unfortunately, (spoiler alert) there are no shortcuts to learning any instrument! But you can still have fun while at it. 

With that in mind, here’s how to make learning to play the guitar easier. 

Start With The Basics

They say that a journey of a thousand miles starts with baby steps and this saying couldn’t be any truer. This means that if you’re looking to be the next Jimi Hendrix, you’ve got to start with the basics. You need to have the basic knowledge of the instrument you’re playing before you can jump into songs or play the chords. Before you strike the strings, you need to know how a guitar is held. Now, this will depend on whether you’re left or right-handed. If you browse this site, you’ll learn that you also need to be comfortable with your guitar. Everything from holding the guitar to how it feels in your arms should come naturally. Here comes the hardest part of learning a guitar; preparing your fingers for the calluses. Your fingers need to have the dexterity of a guitar player. But before you build up callus fingers, learn how to navigate the guitar.

Go Tech

There is something about technology that makes learning seem like a walk in the park. While it’s ok to practice with an ordinary guitar pick, there are some cool gadgets out there that can make learning the instrument fun and easy. 

Let’s take a look at some cool gadgets and devices that make learning guitar look easy. They include: 

  • Hammer jammer – Now, this is the gadget you want if you’re not the string picking-type of person. It’s a delightful gadget that’s fitted right on the strings close to the soundhole and has cool piano-like buttons. This will make your strumming and string picking look easier. 
  • Sliders – For those looking to learn the blue style technique of playing the guitar, then this is the tool you’re looking for. It’s a tubular tool worn on the finger and as the name suggests, it slides on the strings producing delightful sounds that are to die for. 
  • Electric guitar tuner – When starting, tuning your strings the manual way can be a real challenge. Now, an electric guitar tuner will allow you to tune the strings seamlessly and you’ll not require any prior lessons for it. 

Learn Guitar Online

Yes, you can learn your guitar lessons in the comfort of your home! While having a tutor might seem like the way to go, your busy schedule might not accommodate such lessons. There are so many freely available online guitar tutorials and all you need is download an app and you’re good to go. This means that you’ll be able to practice at your convenience. Additionally, there are also paid online guitar programs that might interest you. You, therefore, don’t have an excuse not to learn the guitar.  

Learn With The Pros

If you want to learn guitar and make your learning easy, then it’s time to go pro, well not you, but learning with the pros. This way, they’ll teach you simple tricks that make beginner lessons go smoothly. Another benefit of learning with the pros is that hearing them play will be motivating. There’ll be that someone in the group that you’ll want to emulate. They’ll show you the ropes, lend you guitar gear, and support you whenever necessary. 

As you can see, you have no reason whatsoever not to want to learn guitar and not just learn it, but learn it the easy way. They say that practice makes perfect and this is true in every sense. The only way to master the strings, play the chords, and play a tune of yours someday, is by practicing. 

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