How to Become a Videogame Tester?

Online games are in all-rage right now; just see the popularity that online casino Australia real money sites have gathered in such a short time. And, the job opportunity in the online gaming realm is immense. Video game testing has emerged as a dream job for many people around the world. Although people think all video game testers do is play video games, that is not the case. The job profile of the video game tester is extensive and requires more than just playing a bunch of video games. So let’s learn all about video game testers.

What Is The Job Of a Video Game Tester?

The game tester’s role is to support the development of the game by playing different versions under various development stages. After playing, they report any bug that they have come across while playing. Here are the roles that game testers take upon: 

  • Play the video game to find bugs and other forms of defects.
  • When testers find a bug, they determine how to reproduce it predictably.
  • Testers identify the type of bug by leveraging bug-tracking software.
  • They submit the bug report to the developer team of the game so that they can fix it.
  • The developer, who gets the bug report, may ask further questions to gather more information.
  • They attend meetings with the development team during the development phase.

How To Learn The Skills You Need To Be A Videogame Tester?

To be a game tester, there are various skills that you must imbibe:

  • How to identify and reproduce bug reports;
  • How to write bug reports;
  • How to ascertain that the development team has fixed the bugs;
  • Excellent communication skills.

What do You Need To Apply For A Game Tester Job?

The requirements for the game tester jobs can vary based on the company you are applying for. A great thing about this job profile is that you do not need a college degree for it. In fact, according to a survey, game testers with high school diplomas are making more money as opposed to the ones with college degrees. But some game developing companies need candidates to hold certification in the field of computer science. Moreover, some also prefer candidates with certification in game development or quality control.

How Much Do A Video Game Tester Make? Is It A Good Long-Term Career?

The salary of video game testers varies from one company to another. However, on average, these professionals earn approximately 37,533 every year. Additionally, experienced game testers who have four to five years of experience can earn up to $45,768 annually.

Game testers also acquire benefits like annual bonuses, medical and dental plans, and retirement. Primarily, game testing jobs are contract jobs in nature that have long-term security. But with strong experience, game testing can pave the way for highly lucrative careers like graphic design, game developers, etc.

Tips To Become A Successful Game Tester

Below are some useful tips that will help you in becoming a successful game tester:

  • Build A Strong Knowledge Base: Whether you are testing free slots or any other game after successful TrueBlue login, you need to have a strong knowledge base to identify the issues. Acquiring a professional certification can provide you with a competitive edge. Although a majority of companies accept high school graduates, you can strengthen your chances of landing greater job prospects with a certificate in graphic designing, computer programming, or game development.
  • Develop Game Testing Skills: Companies seek out prospects that are skillful as well as passionate about video games. Therefore, you should know all about the latest terms, techniques, and trends of the gaming world. Do your research and read a lot of blogs related to video games. Moreover, game developing companies prefer candidates that are well-versed and have versatile skills. Therefore, you should try to collect as much knowledge you can gather about games.
  • Take Part In Public Beta Testing: A majority of companies provide public testing of video games. You should take part in game beta testing in order to acquire the first-hand experience in testing games and to produce bug reports. Moreover, the stronger the game testing experience you hold, the higher will be the prospects of becoming a successful video game tester.
  • Create A Good Resume: Designing a good resume is important to land a lucrative game testing job. You should focus on the skills that align with the needs of game testing positions. Search for game testing jobs online and consider the skills that companies are looking for in the particular position. Moreover, ensure that you properly proofread your resume prior to submitting it. Spelling or grammatical errors may lead to the rejection of the application. Detail-oriented candidates stand out in the market.
  • Consider A Full-Time Position: A majority of job openings for game testers are on a part-time basis or contract basis. Moreover, some companies also facilitate work from home. While there are full-time job opportunities, these posts need more experience in the particular field. You should aim for a full-time game testing position at a reputable game development company. Companies that look to hire full-time employees are legally required to provide medical, retirement, and many other benefits to the employees. But if you are not able to land a permanent job at the outset, consider a part-time job and gain some experience. This will increase your chances of landing the dream job.
  • Look At The Right Place: Game tester jobs are posted on various websites like Upwork, Indeed, Gaming Jobs Online, Glassdoor, etc. Additionally, you should also visit the websites of game development studios such as Ubisoft, EA, Square Enix, etc., to see whether or not they have an opening for game tester positions.

Final Thoughts

The demand for skilled quality control testers is skyrocketing. Along with game developing conglomerates like Ubisoft, Sony, Electronic Arts, small game companies are also seeking out game testers. Once you have strong experience as a game tester, you can move ahead to become a game programmer, QA manager, graphic designer, and other technical jobs in the industry.


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