Horse Racing: A Sports With Something for Everyone

Horse racing is a sport with a rich history that dates back centuries, the sport has long been a source of entertainment for all people, despite the myth that it is a sport for the upper class. But why is everyone filled with such thrill and excitement when spectating, betting or turning on the TV to the races? Here are a few reasons why horse racing is a sport with something for everyone and why hundreds of millions of people favour this beautiful sport enough to make it into this multi-billion pound industry it is today.

One of the Most Social Sports

With dozens of events filling the sporting calendar each year, horse races such as the Grand National or Royal Ascot do not just excite fans through the races themselves, but the social side of them gives people the excuse to get dressed up and have a day out in the sun.

One of the most favoured aspects of horse racing is the fact that the sport has always come hand in hand with betting as it is a performance sport that offers fans almost instant results due to races ordinarily not lasting any longer than 2 minutes. Lucky for all betting fans, bookies love the popularity of the horse races as bookmaker offers for Ascot and other major races lead to millions of pounds being generated for them in single race days.

Getting all Dressed up

Unlike many sports, horse racing cannot be spectated in jeans and a sporting jersey, many races have a strict dress code and Royal Ascot is one of the most famous races for their rules on what fans are to wear to the festival. When it comes to race day, men are able to get away with a full suit as long as the material is matching and the trousers are long, they are also encouraged to wear top hats. But women are under stricter guidelines, such as dresses having to be of a modest length – just above the knee or longer – and straps are to be 1-inch or thicker, meaning no spaghetti straps or strapless dresses. Over the years the rules have become more lenient and so jumpsuits have been made an option for women as long as they are not showing your midriff; of course, just like men, Hats are to be worn or headdresses with a base of 4-inches or thicker.

Photo Opportunities

As well as being able to take some beautiful pictures of the track and capture the races, great photos from the races are popular with both celebrities and the Royal family, giving you a great chance to get a few snaps with your favourite on-screen faces. From models like Kate Upton to Hollywood stars like Jennifer Lawrence, the races are enjoyed by everyone and when it comes to the royal family, they are actively involved in the sport and have been for centuries. Members of the royal family have opened events, attended throughout the years and have entered their own horses to win.

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