HIPFLASK Putting the power into your pocket

Locally grown event discovery app Hipflask have teamed up with Perth ticketing startup Megatix to give users an innovative and seamless new ticketing experience. It’s the first of several major ticketing companies Hipflask is looking to integrate with as they move toward their goal of making all ticket purchases available with the app, where login details and passwords are remembered, meaning it takes just a few clicks to purchase.
Hipflask’s humble beginnings started with the overall endeavour to support the local grassroots music scene in WA by promoting the local talents to the wider Perth public. Now with a growing audience of 15,000 users, Hipflask not only includes big name ticketed events, but also high interest, low visibility events that you’re likely to miss on platforms like Facebook.
Over the years, building apps for The Bird, Cool Perth Nights, Beaufort Street Festival, National Youth Week, Food Truck Rumble and TEDxPerth, the Hipflask team have made music and events the foundation of what they do, but are now also widening the scope of events they capture. The app already allows you to follow friends to get a shortlist of their events, and now also allows you to bookmark the events you’re interested in as they are neatly tiled in your profile.
Hipflask have also included new categories in their menu layout such as #whatscookin (for all the good events of tasty things to put in your pie hole) and #upbrain (mind expansive events where there are undertones of exploring human curiosities, connection, upskilling and improving the understanding of self perception in the context of wider community).

More exciting new features are on the way, such as an advanced search tool, smart recommendations, an ability to customise a shortlist of event types you want to follow as well as locations, venues and areas of interest as shortcuts.

Try it out now and get yourself tickets to upcoming events like Foals, ShockOne, Cancer No Bueno, Grinspoon and Hermitude or venues like Metro City and Nevermind Smallclub.

Hipflask is available now on both iOS and Android platforms. Download it here and visit their website to stay up to date on new features.


Got some fresh licks for yer…. catch yerself an app update for some neatly tiled personally bookmarked events and hit #seamlesstix for this? toight purchase flow. Give it a burl, dare ya…. Foals, Nevermind Smallclub, Daytona, ShockOne ADM LP TOUR Perth, Cancer No Bueno. The Finale getting amoungst it…. do it.

Posted by hipflask on Wednesday, 17 July 2019

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