GREAT GABLE 5 stars on TripAdvisor

When you google Great Gable, one of the first links to pop up is a mountain in Seathwaite which has received a five star rating on TripAdvisor. The fans of local band, Great Gable are voting this band the same, after a massive start to 2018 which saw Great Gable play a string of sold out shows in their hometown of Perth and support renowned band Ocean Alley at Metropolis Freo. Great Gable are gearing up for an almost sold out national headline tour ahead of releasing new single Pillars on Friday, August 24 at Mojos. 
ANNIE MUNROE sat down with guitarist Matt Preen to talk about the tour, the band and the latest single.

Congratulations on the release of your new single, Pillars. How are you feeling about your upcoming national tour?

Thank you! We are way too excited, our last tour was in December last year so it’s been a while, we’ve just been biding our time working on new songs and planning some stuff for the summer. It’ll be good to play the songs to some new faces as well!

You could say that Drift has been the most successful of your songs to date, with over a million streams on Spotify. Can you tell us a little bit about what was going on in your lives during the time you created that song?

Drift was created a few years ago now, it just took a while to come to fruition in the recording side of things. It was one of the very first songs Alex (singer) and I had written together as well. At the time we were just trying to write music that we would love forever, so even three years later we’d still love to be playing it. It’s crazy to think that when we wrote it that it would be our biggest song at the moment, but we’re stoked!

How do Great Gable create music? If we were in the studio with you, what would it feel like?

It’s always changing, but usually Alex and I will either bring an idea to the group when we jam and a song will come out of that, or recently we’ve been writing stuff from recording demos at my house rather than playing it at rehearsals first.

We love to keep the studio vibe as chill as possible, that usually comes out in our songs as well. We just love to hang out and have a laugh basically!

Are there plans to tour overseas anytime soon?

That’s on the cards, might be a while off yet but definitely something we’ve been sussing out!

You’ve sold-out the Perth, Brisbane and Sydney legs of your tour. What’s the show you are most looking forward to playing?

Hometown shows are always a hoot, but we haven’t sold out a show over east on pre-sales before so that’s quite exciting. We’re keen for all the shows but I know that playing to a completely fresh crowd is going to be special.

When can we expect to see your next album?

We’re working on a bunch of songs at the moment, so hopefully it is much sooner than later.

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