GRACE CUMMINGS The Look You Gave gets 6.5/10

Grace Cummings

The Look You Gave


Grace Cummings has had an eventful 2019. She’d only just started gigging before being picked up by King Gizzard’s Flightless label on the strength of her live performances. It’s easy to see why, as her vocals on first single The Look You Gave immediately draw the ear. This is an impassioned folk rocker in the vein of 60s Dylan, if Dylan had some serious pipes. Yes Cumming’s tone is powerful, but her voice also retains a unique rawness and ragged vibrato that leaves you on the edge of your seat as she shreds her emotions bare.

The Dylan comparisons don’t stop there unfortunately, as Cummings’ vocals elevate a tune that is otherwise a tad too derivative for its own good. The song structure doesn’t extend beyond verses, and the harmonica solo takes the Dylan worship a step too far.

The snatches of country guitar noodling that sneak in halfway through are hardly necessary either: Cummings could’ve carried this with her vocal alone. This single still shows serious promise though, and makes one wonder what further ideas can be brought to bear across an entire album.

Cummings’ debut LP Refuge Cove is out now on Flightless – check back in for the full review next week.


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