G FLIP @ Freo.Social gets 7.5/10

G Flip @ Freo.Social

Saturday, November 9, 2019


From the moment Georgia Flipo takes the stage, it is obvious that this is an individual blessed to be doing exactly what she wants in life. There is a positivity, energy and passion in her performance that is almost childlike in nature. The giddy grin etched onto her face certainly gives the impression that this is someone who has been working towards a successful music career for some time and is finally starting to see all the pieces falling into place for that career to be getting off the ground. As a member of the crowd, you can’t help but feel her bubbling positivity rubbing off on you as she takes the stage, any more than you can help feeling exceedingly happy that this young woman is finally making it, and is experiencing such a pure and well-deserved form of happiness as a result of that.

G Flip

It is this positivity that gives G Flip such a stage presence, which I think is the most impressive characteristic of her performances. The way in which this bubbly person is able to wield absolute power over a hall is quite frankly incredible, and one of the main reasons I return to experience her performances.

Stylistically, the performance blended some slower, more indie sounding songs, with G Flip’s normal pop/indie fusion music, and ended with a drum performance to a blend of classic party songs, giving the show a real pop feeling that can’t help but make you dance. Because of this fused nature G Flip’s shows have the almost unique capacity to bring together pop and indie fans to enjoy a single performance. The way in which Flipo taps into this musical niche is not unprecedented, but she is certainly one of my favourite artists to do so.

I do wish the performance had included a greater focus on the likes of Tour Song – the slower, less showy tunes that really allow her to show off her beautiful voice. It is a difficult line to walk between trying to be a pop artist that is focussed on maintaining a level of hype and flamboyance, and being an artist who is focussed more on the music itself, what it says, and how it says it. I cannot help but feel G Flip is trending towards the more flamboyant end of the musical spectrum, which is saddening to see. I think she is truly at her best when she allows her raw talent to shine, and I hope to see future performances including more music that can slow the performance down and exhibit her talents more effectively, rather than focussing on being a ‘performer’.

G Flip

In addition to this, some more self-awareness in her performance would be lovely to see. G Flip has a tendency to refer to the deep nature of her music on stage. Personally, I see her music as dealing with topics on a more superficial level and her lyrics have never driven me to change my thinking on any level, or even promote new questions about existing preconceptions. In this way, a better awareness of the depth and way in which her music engages with topics like love, grief and recovery (all of which are topics already explored by many other artists in more philosophically interesting ways) would leave me feeling less patronised.

G Flip

The easiest way to summarise G Flip’s concert is as having a two-fold appeal. If you’re looking for an almost guilty pleasure-esque musical performance that is both vibrant and showy, and can at times slow down to demonstrate the beauty of Flipo’s exquisite voice, then G Flip’s concerts are certainly an option worth considering. On the other hand, they can serve as an optimal transitional experience for any friends you’re looking to sway into the indie music scene from a more pop-based background.


Photos by Ella Wylynko

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