FOAM @ Badlands Bar


Foam @ Badlands
Saturday, March 4, 2017


Local act Foam were part of a big weekend of killer line ups at Badlands on Saturday night to launch their debut album Coping Mechanisms.

First up was post-rock outfit Original Past Life giving an eclectic performance. They were well received by the early crowd. Pissedcolas then arrived on stage with a new line-up and a more electronic sound, with Singer/Guitarist Fabian Rojas moving on to bass and creating a guitar-less sound relying purely on a heavy rhythm section and the new electronic vibes. It was a very different sound for the Pissedcolas, one that moves the band in a poppier direction.

Next up was Shit Narnia giving a raucous passionate set of their most well known songs. Guitarist Sam Atkin’s minimalist guitar style complimented Vocalist Hugh Manning’s spoken word vocals beautifully creating a light and shade that puts Shit Narnia apart from most in their punk genre. Childsaint then came to the stage delivering a set of moody, enchanting guitar-driven indie pop songs.


FOAM – Pic by Rachael Barrett

After a short break Foam entered the packed out Badlands to the cheers and screams of an eager crowd. The set featured their entire new album Coping Mechanisms with only one deviation for a dark and heavy instrumental number. Singer and Guitarist Joel Martin’s deep, haunting vocals and demonic screams were at their best, giving off a frenetic energy added to by the thumping rhythm section of Harley Barnaby on Bass and Jackson Hawdon on Drums. The crowd danced and sang along to the 90s influenced fuzz rock sounds. Foam shone bright under the lights, graciously thanking the crowd repeatedly. The band looked like bona-fide rock stars, confident and self-assured with power to boot. This was Foam’s moment. It was something very special to see and hopefully something we will see more of in the future.


FOAM – Pic by Rachael Barrett

Finally, Skullcave brought their dark, brooding sound to the late night set. It was a perfect ending to Foam’s true coming of age moment, on a night that will be remembered for many years to come.


Pics by Rachael Barrett Photography

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