FELICITY GROOM Hey Sun gets 7/10

Felicity Groom
Hey Sun


Felicity Groom has unveiled her electric new single Hey Sun, a taste of her upcoming third album Magnetic Resonance Centre, which lands on Monday, October 28. Said to have predominantly been recorded at home by the local act, with influence from friends Kevin Parker, Andrew Ryan and Michael Jelinek, it’s no wonder there’s a buzz about the pending release.

Hey Sun is both similar and different to what we might expect from the dark, folky songwriter. Groom’s melancholic verses and moody tones are familiar and welcome, but seeing her take new directions with digital production is more interesting, even if she has been developing those aesthetics for a few years now. The track offers plenty sonically, but the focus this time really is on its lyrics and story.

Groom revealed the origin of the single, saying “Once upon a time, in suburban Perth, a young Groom first met a young Heath Ledger at a school social. In those teen years of warping bodies and expanding horizons, Groom and Ledger danced around each other at various performances and parties. She witnessed this kid work hard and catapult himself from chicken advert to Hollywood and it provided the teenage Groom such focus in her own path.”

As the last song written for her upcoming album Magnetic Resonance Centre (out October 28), she credits the track as “an open letter to a big influence on a small town teen,” which dives into her young dreams and endeavours as an artist.



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